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Volume I

In All Its Glory

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Also available in "iamchristurner" at myspace.
1491, 1846, 1849, 24, abraham lincoln, adventure, american history, aqua teen hunger force, austin tx, backpacking, barbary coast, barbecue, beavis and butthead, beer, bloom county, botswana, british columbia, california, california history, caltrain, calvin & hobbes, camping, cartography, cats, chief joseph, civ iv, civilization, cowboy lifestyle, crazy horse, cribbage, dark chocolate, deus ex, diablo, dinosaur comics, discovery, diving, documentaries, donner party, doom, drawing, durango co, exploration, family guy, fantasy football, fleeping, football, francis parkman, friends, george armstrong custer, george r. r. martin, ghost recon, globe trekker, gold rush, guinness, hiking, homestar runner, ice cream, j. r. r. tolkien, james beckwourth, jedediah smith, jetboil, joe walker, jogging, john c. fremont, john muir, john wesley powell, kayaking, kirk's steakburgers, kit carson, lake tahoe, las vegas, lewis & clark, lonesome dove, lord of the rings, maps, mcdonald's, monkeys, mountain biking, movies, native american history, new zealand, old west history, oregon trail, oreos, outdoors, pacific crest trail, pc games, piano, pony express, portland or, provence, pub trivia, public transportation, quake, reading, rei, ren and stimpy, road trips, robert jordan, roller coasters, running, san francisco bay area, san francisco history, santa fe trail, sarcasm, sierra nevadas, sitting bull, snark, snowboarding, south park, sports basement, sports night, stephen ambrose, storytelling, sudoku, taste for adventure, the great outdoors, the north face, tom stienstra, transcontinental railroad, travel, trivia, tv production, u2, us civil war, venture brothers, washington redskins, wheel of time, wilderness, woot, world history, writing